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CBD Health Plus

Remedial Massage + Trigger Point Therapy


At CBD Health Plus we take pride in the care of our clients.

We understand that people live very fast-paced lifestyles and to travel from their place of work to meet a Perth allied health professional is often not feasible.

Our clinic is optimally located to treat working professionals during their workdays allowing for consistent and effective remedial massage & trigger point therapy.
We service during the morning, lunchtimes, and the afternoon.
At our clinic, we strive towards efficient and timely appointment management so that clients can come and go with little or no waiting time.

The best way to make your appointment is by using the 24/7 online scheduling system 'ONLINE BOOKINGS’.

If you're a new client please make sure to fill out the required digital health intake forms prior to arriving for your scheduled appointment. A pre-booked appointment allows us to provide superlative and hassle-free service for you.

At CBD Health Plus we seek to understand the basic underlying cause of any pain you may be experiencing so that we can kick-start your body’s natural ability to heal, adapt, and recover.

Typically, the most common problems here at CBD Health Plus are back pain, neck pain, back stiffness, headaches, migraines, and posture problems.

“We’re committed to helping you with exceptional chiropractic care” says Perth chiropractor Dr Louise Mackenzie who has been providing natural chiropractic solutions to clients for over 16 years.

Would you like to know more about Remedial Massage? Click here.

Clinic Hours
Monday - Friday 08:45am-5:30pm
By Appointment Only
Closed Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays

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